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MGMT is excited to produce its first summer musical workshop for young performers! We are partnering with the creators of The Twelve Dancing Princesses musical, which was recently reworked and updated with new orchestration performed by members of the Utah Symphony and Orchestra at Temple Square. This delightful musical was commissioned in 1990 by Sandy City and written by Utah's own Kathy Skidmore Latham (music), Laura Bedore Lerwill and Dorothy Keddington (lyrics). MGMT will debut this new edition at Weber State University's Allred Theater June 27-29, and is looking for talented singers, dancers and actors ages 10-18. Directed by Lindsay Hickman, this production will be professionally recorded and used to promote the musical nationwide.

The Story
Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Gavotte, there lived a King and his 12 lovely daughters. Named after the months of the year, the Princesses each had unique personalities but shared a common secret! Every morning their dancing shoes were found in tatters, much to the delight of the conniving Royal Shoemaker whose daily work orders were quickly bankrupting the Kingdom. In desperation, the King enlists the aid of Princes from far away lands to solve the mystery. As each Prince fails, the King is left worried and wondering -- who will solve the secret of the shoes?

The Characters

  • Gwendolyn, the Fairy Godmother and Narrator

  • King Gullible of Gavotte, Robert the Page, Royal Guards

  • Howard the Royal Shoemaker & his Apprentices

  • 12 Dancing Princesses & their Ladies in Waiting

  • 10 Royal Suitors, the Soldier

The Music


  • UPDATED --March 11, 12 & 13 at Mtn Green Middle School.
    Sign-up online here! 

  • Review and fill out the Audition Form & Conflicts Calendar

  • Prepare a one-minute vocal selection (Accompanist & Bluetooth speaker will be provided)

  • Audition sides & a character breakdown will be posted here ASAP

  • A short dance segment will be taught at auditions


  • June 27-29, 7 p.m., at WSU's Allred Theater

  • Plan on Dress/Tech Rehearsal June 26

Advanced Workshop

  • This production is designed as a weekly workshop, teaching fundamentals of acting, dance and vocal performance as students learn the show. The time committment will vary based on part. 

  • Registration fee is $75

  • Rehearsals begin April 8 and continue:
    -Monday evenings in Layton or Mtn Green, 7-9 p.m.  
    -Thursday evenings in Layton or Mtn Green, 7-9 p.m. 

  • Summer rehearsals will be arranged around cast members' schedules

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Not everyone will be scheduled for every workshop rehearsal. Some rehearsals may only be for Princesses, some for Princes. Ladies in Waiting may only come for the first hour at times. We will try to be as efficient as possible!

Junior Workshop

  • Our Junior Workshop will be held weekly and is designed for those 12 and younger who are cast as Shoemaker's Apprentices.

  • Registration fee is $40

  • Rehearsals begin April 11 and continue:
    -Thursday afternoons in Layton, 4-5:15 p.m. 

  • Summer rehearsals will be scheduled for mid-mornings

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