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We have had to make a few changes to our cast list. Please refer to the following for The Cast List & Show Dates:

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Dear Parents,                                                                                                      

Casting a show is an exhausting but wonderful experience. We have loved meeting your children and are amazed at the talent in this community! After 6 hours of auditions, a few sleepless nights and many hours of deliberation, we have put together the cast list for Beauty and the Beast Jr. But, before you check out the list, we would like to address some Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What was the judging criteria used to assign parts?
    Kids were given a score from each judge based on their singing, dancing, acting ability and preparation. Scores were then totaled for an overall number. Kids with the highest scores were considered for lead roles based on their grade -- 8th graders were considered first, then 7th, 6th and 5th. We looked for kids who are kind, hard working and have a proven track record of good behavior and responsibility.


  2. Who were the judges at auditions? Do you ever use outside judges?
    Our judging panel is composed of 7 community members with extensive training and background in the performing arts. Our judges are also PTSO members and include two teachers. We record every audition, and for this show we consulted individuals outside of the community with theater and vocal performance expertise to help cast leads. We have worked with Mountain Green students for the past three years and truly love each kid! We want every student to enjoy their part and feel included.


  3. It seems like the same kids get leads every year. Why don’t you give other kids a chance?
    This question has a tough answer:   Why does Meryl Streep have 20 Academy Award nominations? Why does Audra McDonald have six Tony Awards? Why is Tom Brady in the Super Bowl AGAIN?!?! We, as directors, are all unpaid volunteers. We don’t have time to train kids, so cast those as leads who have already put in the hard work and training and have previous theater experience. We appreciate parents and students who honor our decisions. And just as we let our soccer/football/basketball coaches place our kids in certain team positions, we appreciate your respecting our job as directors in placing your student where we feel they fit best in our show.


  4. Did they just get the part because their mom/dad helps with the musical?
    Reverse this statement and it’s true – Their Mom/Dad helps with the musical because their student got a part. Those us of who volunteer as directors, choreographers, costumers, etc., have gotten involved because our children love to perform. We make a point of stepping aside and not getting involved in the casting of our own students.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not tolerate negativity or meanness in our cast. Our goal is to create friendships, build confidence and find joy in the performing arts. If FAQs #3 or #4 are mentioned to a student in a negative way, we will be contacting you as parents to resolve the situation.


We truly love working with your students!  We love watching them grow and progress each year! Come volunteer with us and help us strengthen the performing arts in Mountain Green! Sincerely,


Melinda Taylor, Melinda Patterson, Stacey Roundy, Shayna Brockbank,
Sara Trageser, Jaycee Thackery & Jessica Kilgore


Audition FAQs & Cast List

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